Nico Backton:
acoustic & electric guitars, dobros, cigar box guitar, 12-string guitar, hammond xb2, piano & vocals

Thierry Lopez:
guitare électrique

Jean Denux:
basse, double basse, trombone

Philippe Dourou:
batterie, percussions


Track List:

  1. Going to the Country (Nico Backton)
  2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (S.B. Williamson)
  3. Right Here (Nico Backton)
  4. Walking With My Angels (Nico Backton)
  5. Down The Line (Nico Backton)
  6. Down in Mexico (Lieber/Stoller)
  7. Take the Long Way (Nico Backton)
  8. Train Train Train (Nico Backton)
  9. The Boll Weevil (Trad/Nico Backton)
  10. In your Arms (Nico Backton)
  11. Hard Times (M.J. Young)
  12. After the Rain (Nico Backton)